i’m a good person i deserve a dose of pynch fanfiction on daily basis

me too

I wonder how it is to have a normal eating and sleeping pattern…


telling someone to read a book and watching as their world slowly gets destroyed by it



psst the raven boys wear flower crowns pass it on

What makes me happy

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the-smudgy-one: I LOVE YOUR GLENDOWER ART SO MUCHHHHH it is so creepy and cool and everything i want book 3 to be and its probably my favorite piece of trc art ive ever seen excuse me while i write 5000 fics about it asdfghjskkl

OMG thank you so much!!! *hugs you a 100 times* please do write creepy Glendower fics. I love that idea so so much, it´s all I want for book 3 too


Jon Kortajarena by NICO


yo guys tag your spoilers (and reactions to the spoilers) please. whether it’s just a review or not, there are people out here (like me) who don’t want to know anything. i just read some super spoilery quotes and tags and yah, not cool. bllb spoilers or blue lily lily blue spoilers will do. or simply blue lily lily blue idk, whatever you want to tag your stuff. just tag it so we could blacklist it.

I didn’t go with the lust prompt because I decided to use that as the rovinsky request for the kiss art challenge


Greed - Glendower

Artist: theshardsofmyheart

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