i always thought of blue’s unusual style as a sort of armor. something in book 1 about “the weirder she looked on the outside, the more she let other kids know she wasn’t like them, and the less likely she was to be picked on” (part 1/2)

(2/2)and i took “wasn’t like them” to be less Not Like Other Girls and more “has a big weird psychic family who prob has a reputation in Henrietta that everyone knows b4 meeting Blue.” (also probably way less $ than peers have). for Blue, weirdness=armor.

I don´t know, you are probably right, but on the other hand she really doesn´t care about anyone outside her family and the boys, so does she really need to protect herself from being bullied? It seems like she does well in school, she doesn´t have any problems there. She doesn´t have friends but neither enemies. So why does she need an armor with them?

What I think is that she says one thing and does another. She says she doesn´t care about not having the sight but she struggles to find something magical. she is already different, she has a power that no one else does, but that´s not enough, she tries to differentiate herself from the rest by any means in a very “I´m better than you” way (see all the times she criticizes gansey for wearing whatever it is he wears). I guess that by the end she will come to terms with that an realise that she is already unique and special by herself and that she doesn´t need to try that hard. I am expecting so much character development from her!

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oh no i didn’t mean physically necessarily, but like how Z.D plays these quirky eccentric girls. So I figured that Blue would be much more popular had she lived around a city. She comes off hipstery to me, in her views and fashion.

oh ok, I understand. My thing with Blue is that, personality wise, I don´t think she is eccentric or quirky at all. So I´ve always thought there´s some kind of disconnection between what Maggie is trying to sell me, exactly what you said, the Zoey Deschanel / New Girl type of character, and what I really she about her personality: the sensible girl, plain, not fancy, but struggling to be different when in fact she isn´t.

Sorry, but I think her eccentricity is facade. That´s why I say that my opinions influence my drawings a lot. I don´t seem to be able to draw an eccentric looking Blue…cause I think her eccentricity is completely forced. Maggie trying to sell me a non stereotypical female YA protagonist when that´s exactly what she is…so I don´t draw that I draw what I think 

pledgeallegiancetothestruggle replied to your post: so…apparently male!Blue is hot…

male!blue always confuses me, like i always assumed that blue was hot in a zoey deschanel kinda way, so who would be the male counter part of that, like joseph gordon-levitt?

wait a minute! that´s how you pictured Blue? I´ve always imagined her beautiful but in a plain, simple kind of way, nothing too fancy. But Zoey Deschanel is another story, she is gorgeous in a “there´s no way I could overlook that face in the middle of a crowd” way

so…apparently male!Blue is hot…







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I also don’t think it helps that:

  1. the author’s level of involvement produces a chilling effect on certain participation
  2. the language used in certain posts lend themselves to extremes
  3. word of god is being used as away to shut down…

To answer your tags, I didn´t mean impartiality towards her characters, and of course she has all the rights to have intent. I meant it as impartiality towards the fandom, by expressing her opinion on a matter like this she has unbalanced the scale, giving more power to a certain part of the fandom by telling them basically that they are right and the other part is wrong. Therefore preventing any kind of discussion. 

Oh I’m sorry for misunderstanding. I totally agree. Esp since I saw a post in the main tag complaining about people who think they know the characters better than the author.

Esp on a sensitive subject such as consent in a fandom comprised of mostly straight females. And I think part of why Maggie choose to come out and say that he is specifically predatory is because his actions are incredibly different if he were doing them to any of us. In that context, they are inherently manipulative. But with Ronan , it’s different. And I don’t think Maggie gets that. And now the whole fandom pretty much has turned Kavinsky into a consent issue, which I think is false for a lot of reasons. Same gender boundaries are different esp depending on the relationship.

But you really can’t argue against it BC Maggie is against you and it looks like you’re an apologist. But tbh I think adam’s insistence on blue kissing him is more manipulative than anything Kavinsky does in terms of Ronan.

Tbh I know for me, I felt run out of the fandom a while ago after I dared to speak about Gansey. I didn’t post in the tags, actually for a while I didn’t post trc stuff at all.

This fandom has a select few who’s opinions are held above the rest (not including Maggie’s) and then when maggie decided to join in on the discussion (which I felt was totally inappropriate considering it’s a “fandom” interaction, and tbh I think the author should steer clear of fandom interactions) it really grossly tipped the scales.

It wasn’t like certain opinions weren’t immediately discarded or even hated on before this whole Kavinsky thing, it’s that she opened the door for “you’re wrong” to be a viable response instead of “we disagree” for those who dared to think differently than the main core.

If God is Love and Love is God, Who is Ronan Lynch?


I’m taking this post and using it for this meta. I think there’s a few posts floating around similar to this, but I’m sourcing the one I’m pulling this specific wording from.

Ronan is the character who loves the truest from what we know so far. He also has the greatest range of love.

Eros: a passionate physical and emotional love based on aesthetic enjoyment; stereotype of romantic love


Ludus: a love that is played as a game or sport; conquest; may have multiple partners at once


Storge: an affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity

Ronan/Adam, Ronan/Noah, Ronan/Gansey

Mania: obsessive love; experience great emotional highs and lows; very possessive and often jealous lovers

Ronan/Kavinsky (I think their dynamic would have lent themselves to this had they actually gotten together)

Agape: selfless altruistic love; spiritual

Ronan/Matthew, Ronan/Aurora, Ronan/Niall

Pragma: love that is driven by the head, not the heart

Ronan/Adam (simply because Ronan gives up on Adam at one point, and starts to become less overly antagonistic towards Blue and warms up to her, when it becomes clear to him he has no shot with Adam)

 I was actually going to try and tie Ronan in with Venus and Roman mythology, given Latin is a big motif. However, I realized that might not be the best way to go, and should stick to Christian doctrine instead. We already know a few things going forward:

  • Cabeswater loves reciprocity and sacrifice
  • Characters are going to die
  • There is a big evil, with a capital E

Cabeswater strikes me as a very Old Testament kind of place. Eye for an eye and all that jazz, which is why it tends to like sacrifice so much, because I like to think it runs on equal exchange. Cabeswater has been producing a great number of things, while simultaneously draining Adam of energy and autonomy (though I think the nature of his deal also has a lot to do with this as well).

If we take reciprocity seriously in Cabeswater, and that a big Evil is residing somewhere in there, I don’t think it’s beyond the stretch of the imagination that Ronan could emerge as a Messiah figure. I think he may specifically die as the ‘ultimate’ sacrifice to either shut down Cabeswater, save the group or defeat the big Evil in a Jesus like manner.

I know Gansey/martyr is a popular theory as well, that Gansey might sacrifice himself in his death. Which I think is plausible as well, I just think the martyr imagery is more poignant linked to Ronan rather than Gansey.

Omnia vincit Amor: et nos cedamus Amori.
Love conquers all, and so let us surrender ourselves to Love


thank you so much :)

you´re welcome, it was cool to draw. Hope you liked it, I don´t really draw a very eccentric Blue

Pynchinsky…that´s an interesting concept 

Emilia Clarke in the Game of Thrones S4 bloopers

Sometimes I wish Blue rebelled a little more against the “no kissing policy”…


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that one character you would literally die for to protect if they were real




the pack deciding while drunk to get matching tattoos (◕‿◕✿)

kavinsky remembering that promise the next morning and taking them to do it immediately (◕‿◕✿)

the pack gingerly peeling off the film over the tattoos a few days later (◕‿◕✿)

the pack being…


I hate being fooled by media. I hate thinking that because shows like Orphan Black and Elementary and Orange is the New Black (etc.) exist we are moving in the right direction faster than we really are. Because every baby step we take forwards in representation and equality in media, we are dragged about seven or eight steps back by the same people who have had representation their whole lives and are not ready to give it up. And it angers me. It angers me that because there’s one person of colour on a show, I consider it diversified. It angers me that when one woman in a movie is not harassed for playing the cliche or for breaking the cliche that I somehow consider that a good move forward. Trans* characters are finally getting the respect and the exposure and the actual spotlight, but when these roles aren’t played by trans* actors, what are we really benefitting? I am tired of being complacent and I am angry that I am easily mollified by one or two bones when the over-stuffed gluttons who have been eating their whole lives get to eat the steak before they toss me the scraps.

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